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Practical Training

Practical Skills and Experience

The first step is to learn by doing. At Fusion Cyber, you’re not just picking up concepts, our program provides resources to practice handling real-life scenarios. A hands-on approach prepares our students for the actual job so employers will notice. With us, gain the skills that help you stand out.

Engage with the course through different mediums. Our students receive structured opportunities to tap into each other’s expertise as resources. Along with your peers, learn about more than just cybersecurity, and explore the industry as well as its business as a whole.

Put the lessons into practice. Our program provides hands-on cyber ranges from a wide range of realistic simulations to challenge our students on both an individual and team level. Take your knowledge a step further and be adept as well as ready for real-world cyber challenges.


Packaging our Students

Our program does more than teach. The career services team ensures that you shine on your job search. We work towards your strengths so employers can see what we do in our students. Our goal is to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when it’s time to land that cybersecurity job.

Cybersecurity is a promising field with many opportunities. Our program gives our students the chance to learn from and engage with industry leaders to become polished candidates entering the profession. With us, become a part of the cybersecurity network.

Your resume is the first impression you make on potential employers. A well-crafted resume highlights your skills, experience, and understanding of the industry. Our program ensures yours stands out, improving your chances in a competitive cyber job market.

Coaching vector


Successfully landing a job in cybersecurity requires more than technical skills— it’s also about strategic planning and preparation. Our program’s approach takes a holistic view of our students’ goals to provide coaching that helps chart their career path in a dynamic and promising field.

Most people are no stranger to interviews. However, there is always room for improvement. Our program helps make sure you use the right lexicon to impress and understand how to sell your own strengths, while presenting your growth areas as learning opportunities.

Our students all have their own paths to take and goals to reach— and it is our mission to help each of them get there. We identify all the tasks they will need and provide the step-by-step for their job search. Let us help you build the scaffolding you need to reach new heights.

A Look at Your Future with us...

2 Weeks
Introduction to Risk Management Framework Building up knowledge of cyber fundamentals and choosing the right certification Introduction to the virtual cyber range
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1 Month
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3 Months
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6 Months
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Companies Hiring our Graduates

Hire a Graduate

Fill out this form if you are an employer looking for a certified employee. Our career placement team will get back to you with qualified candidates.


Fusion Cyber provides 3 unique Cybersecurity Certificate Programs, leveraging a U.S. Department of Homeland Security recognized curriculum and taught by practitioners. See how you can advance and excel in the lucrative Cybersecurity Industry today. Take this survey and see if it’s the right program for you!

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2 Weeks

1) Introduction to the Risk Management Framework
2)Building up knowledge of cyber fundemetals and preparing for Certification
3) Introduction to the virtual cyber range

1 Month

1) Apply what you've learned so far to begin to explore specializations within the cyber range
2) Polish your professional prescence. Keyword optimize LinkedIn for cyber
3) Start familiarizing yourself with the industry. Begin networking,read articles, attend information events. Use the basic knowledge you've built up to explore the topics anc companies that seem most interesting to you

3 Months

1)Cybersecurity Certification Attained
2) Actively Networking and Attending Industry Discussions
3) Identifying Specific Roles Career Pathways

6 Months

1) Actively Applying for cyber jobs
2) Interviewing for Cyber Roles
3) Start your cyber career

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