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    Applicant Code of Conduct

    Applicant Code of Conduct

    At Fusion Cyber and our partners, we pride ourselves on being an open, inclusive environment that challenges and inspires its students, staff, and faculty. As prospective members of our community, we hold applicants to the same ethical standards to which we hold ourselves. To protect the integrity of our community, we have established the following five rules that we expect all applicants to uphold.

    1. Act with personal integrity and honesty

    Applicants are expected to accurately represent themselves throughout the admissions process to all faculty and staff with whom they interact. This includes, but is not limited to, providing accurate information about work history, previous educational pursuits, and their current level of skill. Cheating will not be tolerated. If you are faced with a problem or challenge you do not know how to solve, honesty is prized over cheating to find the correct answer. Remember: everyone is here to learn, and cheating through an CyberRange exercise, exam, interview, or course will guarantee future failure.

    2. Respect the faculty and staff

    Every employee of Fusion Cyber and its partners is dedicated to helping students achieve their optimal outcome. While we cannot guarantee there will never be mistakes, we strive to make our admissions process and interview process as smooth as possible. Disparaging the knowledge, competence, or qualifications of faculty or staff will not be tolerated. Furthermore, disrespecting the personal integrity of faculty and staff by engaging in offensive or sexually suggestive behavior will be met with immediate consequences. In situations where a mistake has been made or where you disagree with the outcome, we welcome conversations characterized by civility and openness.

    3. Respect the other applicants, fellow students and graduates

    Throughout your time both applying to and studying at Fusion Cyber and afterwards as part of the Fusion Cyber Talent Community, you will come across other applicants and learners trying to Decode “their/your” Future. We expect all of our applicants to be kind, courteous, and helpful when interacting with their peers. Furthermore, disrespecting the personal integrity of your peers by engaging in offensive or sexually suggestive behavior will be met with immediate consequences. Everyone is here to make themselves better, and our entire community plays a part in every individual’s success today, tomorrow, and in the next generation of the Fusion Cyber Community.

    4. Trust the process and the results

    The application process to any intensive program is stressful and uncomfortable. While we strive to make the process as enjoyable as possible. We would love to offer every applicant an acceptance, but it is far more important that we direct every applicant to the appropriate resource for their stage of development. We want you to succeed, and sometimes that means we need to give you bad news before we can give you good news. We strive to offer transparency whenever and wherever possible, but we must also respect the privacy and of our staff and faculty to do their jobs with freedom and candor. If you receive a disappointing result, we welcome courteous questions and inquiries.

    5. Trust the Journey, Cyber is ever evolving

    Technology, legal & policy, hacking, and the products that you will work with tomorrow will constantly be evolving, even during the courses/ bootcamps. Fusion Cyber strives to always have the latest and most up-to-date content. However, sometime the World gets out in front of us. This will be something you face in the workplace, take a deep breath, we are all in this together. And please report a JIRA report on content, labs, range exercises, standards, or documents that you find that are outdated as you learn with the Fusion Cyber Community.

    Permanent Rejection

    While Fusion Cyber has no limit on the number of times applicants can apply to our program(s), we do have the right to refuse any application and to refuse to review any further applications from applicants we deem unfit. There are two possible scenarios where this would occur:

    1. Behavioral Issues:

    If, in the process of applying to Fusion Cyber, you violate the applicant code of conduct in a serious way, we may elect to dismiss your current application and deny you the opportunity to reapply in the future. While we see this option as a truly extreme measure, we value the integrity of our community and will not let that be compromised under any circumstances.

    2. Academic Issues:

    While we truly believe that anyone can learn to code, we know that there is no singular path of learning that will work for every individual learner. In the process of evaluating the candidate, we may find a learning style that is incompatible with Fusion Cyber’s curriculum and teaching/instruction/training methods. When this happens, we will make the candidate aware that the next interview or assessment will be their final opportunity, after which we will no longer accept future applications. While we do not relish this decision, we are dedicated to ensuring students succeed in their aspirations. If Fusion Cyber is not the place for a student to find success, we will encourage them to pursue their education at another institution that will be more compatible with their learning needs.

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