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Our highly specialized team has been doing cybersecurity long before it became popular and mainstream. Unlike many other firms, we understand the operational needs and complexities of modern business realities. We have successfully delivered our expertise to the largest corporations, government agencies, and small to medium-sized businesses, and are ready to connect with you.

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Assessments & Remediation

Fusion Cyber will assist your understanding of your organization’s cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses using time-tested tools and techniques. If you’re seeking cyber remediation services, we will create a roadmap for you that is both practical and cost-efficient. Our remediation roadmap will be driven by business drivers and will be results-oriented. Since we have already worked with all the preeminent cyber-related standards, acts, laws, and frameworks, you will not be paying us to come up to speed.

Incident Response

Many cybersecurity organizations can provide a long list of organizations they provided incident response services to, but how many can say they have managed incidents that made front page news on CNN? We have worked with clients ranging from the White House, the Department of Justice, and Fortune 500 companies. No matter your organization’s size, we will be able to quickly assess and appropriately respond to any incident you may have. Today, incident response is more than just patching the holes you find. Incident response requires collecting evidence, reputation management, and even executive protection. Most firms only handle the technical aspect of incident response – that’s the easy part.

Virtual & Fractional CISO

If your business has any digital infrastructure, cybersecurity is a business reality. Though having a strong cybersecurity system is a necessity, it may not be enough to warrant hiring a full-time employee. We can provide stand-in cybersecurity experts to help your business stay secure. Our cyber professionals can offer leadership and operation services to provide your organization with world-class protection without having to sacrifice any flexibility.

Training & awareness

Over 95% of breaches occur because employees break protocol, whether that be accidentally opening a malicious email attachment or sharing a password to someone they shouldn’t trust. The vast majority of breaches would never occur if the employee would just follow protocol. As a sect of the US workforce permanently moves to a remote position, these types of mistakes and breaches are becoming increasingly prevalent. Utilizing our many years of experience, we can help you establish protocols and properly train your staff to identify and reject hackers. Using phishing simulations, our team can help your staff become more aware of phishing techniques, helping to further preserve the strength of your organization’s front line.

Compliance & Governance

The cyber industry is growing at an incredible speed, and such is the rate at which new cyber laws and regulations are being passed as well. All fifty states have data protection laws, three have privacy laws, and sixteen have privacy laws in their legislatures. On top of that, there are international organizations like the GDPR and industry specific requirements like CMMC. How is it possible to balance running your business and keep up with the latest rules and regulations? The answer is simple: let us help you navigate it.

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