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    Hello, please chat with me about Cyber careers! Please note that we do not offer scholarships, discounts, or refunds via this channel.

    Continuing Cyber Education Plans

    Our mission is to support the lifelong learning journey of our alumni. As such, we've decided to expedite the launch of this community to provide immediate access to valuable resources like Slack, Moodle, Range Force, and networking opportunities with our vast community of alumni and career professionals. Subscribing also extends the validity of your exam voucher for two quarters (6 months) post-graduation with your subscription.
    Let everything you've learned carry you far

    For just $65.99 per month, you can continue to access our virtual cyber range, set appointments with our team, and access certification prep resources. This is a great option for alumni who want to stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices.

    Save 5% when you sign up for a quarterly membership! For just $190 per quarter, you can enjoy all of the benefits of alumni membership. This is a great option for alumni who want to commit to cybersecurity training for the long term.

    Save 10% when you sign up for an annual membership! For just $734 per year, you can enjoy all of the benefits of alumni membership for an entire year. This is a great option for alumni who are serious about cybersecurity training and want to get the most out of their membership.

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